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Dry sea moss should not be consumed for a long time

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Laver, 5 dollars can buy a big bag, and the sea moss only buy a few pieces, but the two things eat up the same taste, what is the difference between them? In fact, purple and seaweed are the same kind of food. We often eat two kinds of laver, Porphyra haitanensis and Porphyra yezoensis, mainly Porphyra yezoensis in the north, and Porphyra haitanensis in the south. Seaweed is made of Porphyra yezoensis. Its price is high, mainly because the seaweed is processed and picked, which requires rinsing, crushing, high temperature steaming, water removal and baking, and so on. The cost will increase naturally. But the appearance and taste of seaweed are better than that of seaweed. Eating seaweed and seaweed often is good for your health. They are one of the two "iodine rich foods". Grains and cereals are the staple food that must be eaten every day, but the vegetable proteins contained in grains lack lysine. Lysine is an essential amino acid. Without it, the utilization of protein in staple food will be greatly reduced. The lysine contained in laver and seaweed is about 5 times higher than that in rice, instant noodles, rich flour and noodles. If we put some laver on the noodles, when we eat the rice soup with rice, and the wonton with the bowls and laver when we eat the big cake, we can easily get the "protein complementation", and the protein in the staple food also improves the grade. Porphyra itself is highly nutritious and is known as the "treasure house of vitamins". The fat content of Porphyra is low, only 1%-2% of all nutrients, but the content of the unsaturated fatty acid EPA, which is beneficial to the development of the nervous system, accounts for 52% of them, plus a large number of essential minerals and vitamins. Long term edible seaweed can improve microcirculation, enhance immunity, postpone senility and reduce cancer. The incidence of disease and cardiovascular disease. Dry seaweed is therefore a good snack. However, dried seaweed has a high content of salt and monosodium glutamate. It should not be eaten for a long time. It is best not to exceed one or two at a time.

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