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The price of seaweed has more than doubled in the past few months, and businesses are making profits because of hoarding.

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"I regret not having listened to my friends and hoarding some seaweed and earning a lot of money." Yesterday, Mr. Zheng, a wholesaler of non-staple food in Xiamen, regretted to the reporter.
Taiwan Strait network April 20th (Strait Guide) (micro-blog) reporter Zhong Bingxiang) no one had thought that in just a few months, the price of seaweed will more than double. The reporters interviewed yesterday found that some wholesale and retail businesses made a lot of money for hoarding, while many food companies shouted "no way".
It's almost a Monday price.
"Some time ago, seaweed is almost a Monday price. By the end of last year, the price of seaweed has increased by more than 100%." Yesterday, in the eight city of a non-staple food wholesale shop, Lin boss pointed to the remaining bags of seaweed on the shelf told the guide reporter. "This 50 piece seaweed, at the end of last year, was priced at 18 yuan / bag, and now the wholesale price has been sold to 40 yuan / bag." Lin said that until recently, the price of seaweed has only stabilized slightly, but the product has been very popular, and sometimes it can't get in.
The reporter interviewed a number of wholesale and retail markets such as Jiangtou and eight cities in Xiamen, and found that the price of seaweed actually experienced a surge in recent months.
In the dry fruit and food wholesale market of Jiangtou, the wholesaler Zheng boss guide newspaper confirmed that the main sales product in his shop is 100 simple packaging of seaweed, which is mainly supplied to some small and medium food factories and restaurants. At the end of last year, the product sold about 40 yuan, and now it is sold to 80 yuan / bag. Grab a hand. The 50 packaged seaweed, at the end of last year, sold only 20 yuan for a bag, and now the wholesale price is about 40 yuan.
The reaction is different and there is joy and sorrow
The price of seaweed "rocket" has risen, which is beyond the expectation of many businessmen.
Mr Cheng said that the price of seaweed would rise steadily in the beginning of last year, and the price would be stable. "Even more amazing is that the price is soaring, and we can't get the goods."
The boss told the reporter that some of the catering and non-staple food companies that they supply were complaining about the price of the goods almost every time, and some even worried about whether they would continue to produce the products containing seaweed.
By contrast, Mr. Chang, a food company in Xiamen, was secretly congratulated. At the end of last year, he was far sighted enough to pack dozens of boxes of seaweed, and he saved hundreds of thousands of yuan.
For the reasons for the soaring price of the sea moss this year, the boss told the reporter that it was mainly due to the high temperature since last winter, and the lack of cold weather resulted in a large reduction of nearly 50% of the sea moss in the main producing areas of Jiangsu, Lianyungang, Nantong and other places. The price of seaweed rose accordingly.